I know, I’m cat-blogging again


I can’t help it – he’s just so cute! He’s taken over the extra chair in the office – the one that was meant to be for quasi-work-experience-student Luke, who has instead rediscovered World of Warcraft. He sits there all day even though we wake him up and bug him every half hour or so. The cat that is, not Luke. We haven’t seen Luke in a while.

So, day 15 of Photo Project is here and I haven’t yet lost interest. In fact, the “blog every day” thing has really gotten me motivated. Who knows where it will end.

You wanna make a new prediction, Tuna?

~ by goatlady on January 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “I know, I’m cat-blogging again”

  1. Cat blogger – yes you are. Now if we take out the 2 cat pics…that’s only day 13…gotta have some rules here or you’ll just do every third pics of your cats, your nearly as bad as nick with his dogs…

  2. I think cat pictures are purrfectly valid photo project contenders, thank you very much! Who’s making the rules here anyway…

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