Festival mania

in the mud at WOA 08

We’re such suckers. We hadn’t even been to Wacken yet and we were planning on coming back for 2010. We hadn’t even been home a week and we were plotting how we were gonna make 2009.

It is, after all, the 20th anniversary.

So it’s decided. I announced it to Twitter and blogged it twice = once over on heapsbad.com and now here – so that’s the final word, people, no turning back. Al is in this time too. Dave even rang his cousin in Poland to tell her we were coming back so now it’s even more official.

Tickets go on sale and the first band announcement is next week (as an aside, I love the way the Wacken news posts always start “Dear Metalheads”). Regardless of what bands are announced, we will be going – the festival experience goes way beyond music.

Once we have our tickets, it will be triple confirmed.

Set in stone.


~ by goatlady on August 19, 2008.

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