Deftones’ Chi Cheng: still fighting

Chi Cheng performing with Deftones in 2006.

Image via Wikipedia

Being a Deftones fan, I was saddened to hear of bassist Chi Cheng’s car accident in early December last year, which left him in a coma.

As the days and weeks wore on and none of the news items I read indicated that he was improving, I kind of assumed the worst. The Deftones even issued a statement that they would be continuing with a new bass player as “our fallen comrade has not yet made significant progress”.

However, a press release sent out by his mother indicates that things are definitely looking up for Chi (thanks Metal Underground) and that he is going in and out of his coma, sometimes opening his eyes and even speaking a couple of times. That’s definitely great news.

Apparently there’s been issues with his insurance not paying his hospital bills, so the Chi family have set up a site where fans can donate to help pay for his continuing treatment. You can use PayPal which is what I’m gonna do – remember peeps, it’s not real money anyway 🙂

I saw The Deftones at The Big Day Out in 1993, and their set was definitely the highlight of the day for me back then. Here’s a clip from that tour although I’m pretty sure it’s not from Perth:

YouTube – Deftones – Around The Fur (Live @ Big Day Out 2003)

They also headlined Soundwave in 2007 and while perhaps an odd choice for the festival, they totally kicked arse.

YouTube – Deftones at Soundwave Perth 030307 playing Kimdracula

Even if I do wanna tell Chino Moreno to pull his pants up.

~ by goatlady on March 25, 2009.

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