Protect your chicken from Dokken

When I read on BraveWords that Dokken had produced a TV ad for Norton Internet Security 2010, I was horrified. I have a fondness for certain ‘80s cheesy metal bands, and Dokken is one of them. I also have a special hatred of Norton Internet Security, which causes all kinds of unnecessary problems for novice computer users. My first thought was “No Don, please no.”

But then I watched it. And then I laughed. Out loud. For real. It’s hilarious. If only it was for a product that wasn’t shit.

Check it out:

~ by goatlady on September 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Protect your chicken from Dokken”

  1. Beyond pissing myself – funniest thing I’ve seen for ages!!

  2. Fuckin classic. Dokken vs a chicken in real life. who would win?

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