Good Shit Heads Up: Imminent Psychosis – To Walk With The Dead


I hate writing reviews. Really I do. I Either I like it, I love it, or I don’t and I can’t be bothered listening to things I don’t like (unless someone swears that listening to it on repeat will change my mind). No one wants to read reviews that say “this is awse!” or “nah this sucks”. And I’m too lazy busy to get in-depth with the nouns and the verbs and the adjectives.

I really want to tell the world about the new Imminent Psychosis album – To Walk With The Dead – because it’s good shit and cos I was asked to, but I hate writing reviews so let’s call this a Good Shit Heads Up. I actually heard a version – perhaps not the final mix? – when I was in Adelaide earlier this year staying at  vocalist Troy’s house, and it sounded awesome then, but even better now. It’s thrashy and a bit crusty and it sounds underground and a tiny bit old-school (I guess because it is). Rifftastic. I like it and think you will too. So check em out.

Imminent Psychosis on Bandcamp (digital album available for a fiver! Crazy good value)

Imminent Psychosis on Facebook

~ by goatlady on October 10, 2013.

One Response to “Good Shit Heads Up: Imminent Psychosis – To Walk With The Dead”

  1. […] recommendations” (thanks to @alanbaxter for coming up with the term). I have already given Adelaide’s Imminent Psychosis a “Good shit heads up” and here I’m trying the same thing with a live review, under the moniker “You shoulda […]

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